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SchoolMatch University Report  SchoolMatch University Report
The SchoolMatch University Report provides a detailed and completely customized report which outlines the universities that match you best. With over 90 universities in Canada, our proprietary Algorithm analyzes your responses to our in-depth questions and uses complex equations to identify your Top 10 university matches. The report breaks down all the complexities of the university-selection process into simple and easy-to-understand pieces. It provides you with clear, helpful information that helps you choose the universities to apply to for a successful future.

The Report gives you more than 50 pages of detailed information on your top universities, including:
  • A personalized ranking of your Top 10 university matches
  • Match percentages on 7 high-level university dimensions that affect your overall school experience
  • Detailed analysis of 40+ personal attributes of your Top 5 universities
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The SchoolMatch base report gives you a detailed analysis of your top school matches
Sample University Match Report Sample University Match Report
SchoolMatch College Report SchoolMatch College Report
The SchoolMatch College Report is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a post-secondary college education. The report searches through the 200+ Colleges in Canada, and will list your top-matched colleges and a comprehensive program match that recommends program areas that you should think of applying to. Since colleges are designed to offer certificate and diploma programs, our report will tell you exactly which program will fit your interests and passions.

The Report gives you more than 60 pages of detailed information on your top colleges, including:
  • A personalized ranking of your Top 20 college matches
  • Match percentages on 5 high-level college dimensions that affect your overall school experience
  • Detailed listing of all available programs per college based on your interests and passions
All for only $59.93

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SchoolMatch College Report
Sample College Match Report Sample College Match Report
SchoolMatch Combo Reports
For students who are unsure whether they want to pursue a university or college in Canada, we offer a Combo Report, which includes both colleges and university matches. Purchase this report for the most comprehensive analysis of your top schools in Canada.
The Combo Report gives you the most value and comprehensive school matches, including:
  • Over 130+ pages of univeristy and college school information
  • Your top university and college matches, ordered by which ones match you best
  • A cross-comparison analysis between universities and colleges to help you decide where to attend
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SchoolMatch Combo Report
Receiving your report
We understand the importance of school application deadlines and the need for timely information. This is why SchoolMatch Canada strives to process your SchoolMatch Report as quickly as possible.

Given the complexity of our algorithms, the time it takes to do in-depth analysis and the peak demand periods, we typically provide a 24-hour business day turnaround for your ready-to-download assessment. However, if you need to expedite your results, we will personally create your custom report using our express or rush processing services for a small extra fee.
Within 24 hours or
Next Business Day
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Are you a faculty/staff member of a Canadian high school?
We offer unique partnership opportunities for Canadian high schools that want to encourage better decision-making experiences for students about to enter post-secondary education. We work closely with guidance counsellors to ensure that our partnership aligns with your students' needs.

For more information about partnership opportunties, please send us an email at [email protected].

Partnering with SchoolMatch offers numerous benefits to your students, including:
  • Personalized service
  • Discounted pricing
  • Assessment analysis support