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Our SchoolMatch Report gives you information about the universities and colleges that match you best.

Don't choose a school based on one of these reasons alone
In our research, we found that the most common reasons for choosing a school were also the most flawed. Do any of these sound familiar?
"The school's reputation/ranking is good."
Third-party school rankings provide a one-size-fits-all answer to a very complex, personal question. School experiences are unique, and a general ranking can't take that into account. Students are unlikely to have entirely positive or negative encounters while in a university or college, so relying on these generic rankings do not provide an accurate measure of whether or not the school fits you.
SchoolMatch Canada can help you filter through these third-party rankings while integrating your personal expectations. This is how we help you find the best school for you.
"It is close to home / I want to move away."
We hear this one a lot. A school's location is a key aspect of choosing a university or college — but it's only one factor. If students only look at a school's location, then they are severely limiting their choices. As a result, students who limit their locations often exclude schools that would actually be great choices.
SchoolMatch Canada builds school location into our matching algorithm. Whether location is a key factor, or whether you think it is irrelevant, our results will give you answers that are specific to your needs.
"I asked my parents where I should go."
Parents and guardians are critical resources in every student's educational journey, but they can only provide a single perspective. Worse still, this perspective can sometimes be biased. Schools change every year, adding new programs, staff and research areas. What may have been true about a school 20, 10 or even five years ago, may not necessarily reflect its current reality.
SchoolMatch Canada continually analyzes and updates school data to maintain the truest perception of each school. All matches are data-driven based on what you want out of a school.
"My friends are going there/My significant other is going there."
Social connections are extremely important when you're at school. However, these connections are only one aspect of the experience. When you choose a school based on who else is going there, you are ignoring other dimensions that can significantly affect your school experience. Your core interests and values may not align with the school and this may lead to frustration or the need to switch schools later on.
SchoolMatch Canada includes social dimensions in our algorithm to ensure that your matches align with your goals.
"My high school guidance counsellor told me it's the right school for me."
Guidance counsellors are a key resource when students are evaluating their school options. Even the least overworked guidance counsellors must deal with dozens of students, and are expected to be knowledgeable about every post-secondary institution across the country (or even farther!). This is a lot of information for a computer, let alone any one person! Guidance counsellors have a very difficult job and may serve as great resources when students have narrowed down the field of possible schools. Otherwise, students may only get generalized information, which is of limited use.
SchoolMatch Canada provides you with a shortlist of schools that fit you. When you take your SchoolMatch Report to your guidance counsellor, the two of you can examine each school more deeply. This lets you take advantage of the counsellor's years of experience and of our ability to narrow down your school list to the ones that meet your needs.
Learn more about our high school partnership program.
"The school has co-op programs."
Co-op programs provide great opportunities to gain work experience while you complete your degree. Considering a school based exclusively on the availability of co-op programs limits your options. You may end up making the wrong choice if you haven't considered other relevant factors.
SchoolMatch Canada incorporates your views on co-op programs into our algorithm to help determine how important these programs are to you. We don't stop there — we weave in many other factors to help identify the most suitable schools for all aspects of your personality.
The SchoolMatch Assessment takes you through a series of structured, logical questions to understand more about who you are.
The SchoolMatch assessment, research, complex algorithms, and final report are designed to help you choose the best school for you.
The SchoolMatch Canada Assessment
We have researched the most influential factors that affect the school experience and translated these factors into a 90+-question assessment. Your answers to these questions tell us how much each factor means to you and which factors are most important to you. We then use that information to guide our algorithm to find the best matched schools for you.
SchoolMatch uses a proprietary algorithm to find the best match between students and post-secondary institutions
The SchoolMatch Canada Algorithm
Using our advanced matching algorithms, we are able to analyze and summarize hundreds of school data records and correlate them with your personal preferences to create a scientifically calculated match for you. We continually improve our algorithm with ongoing research to ensure that our perception and profile of each school remains current and true to life. The algorithm takes the difficulty out of digging through the mountains of details to select the best school for you. This saves you time, money and the stress of sorting through endless pamphlets, marketing materials and third-party rankings.
SchoolMatch is constantly researching to ensure that the most up-to-date information is used for all matches
SchoolMatch Canada Research
Our research is based on both primary and secondary data and statistics. SchoolMatch Canada believes that providing more information to our users results in better decisions. That means, we never summarize or generalize our research into generic insights for our users — instead, we build personalized results for every user based on his or her unique academic goals, values and interests.
SchoolMatch Base Assessment report gives you our analysis and all the data to support it.
The SchoolMatch Canada Report
After taking in and analyzing all the information we gather from you and from our research, we lay it all out in our powerful and easy-to-use Match Report. We have spent countless hours developing our algorithms so that you don't have to waste your time trying to figure out which schools you should consider. Our report helps you sort through all of the raw data and turn it into clear answers.

We also understand that you will always know yourself best, so our goal is to empower you to make the best decision possible. Your report lets you see the breakdown of the factors that are important to your school experience — and that may help you draw your own insights about each school that we've identified for you. With SchoolMatch, you don't just get a list of schools or a match percentage; you get clear answers and an understanding of why the schools we've identified are right for you. Read on to see a little more about the report.
SchoolMatch provides you with detailed analysis in the Base Assessment Report
Meet the SchoolMatch Canada Report.
Our 50+ page report provides you with all the information you need to make a better decision and secure a brighter future.
At SchoolMatch Canada, we create a completely customized, extremely detailed PDF report based on your results from our assessment. The report includes your Top 10 school matches calculated by our proprietary algorithm. We'll also show you your Top 5 schools' attributes and overall scores on seven dimensions. That way, you can see how each school meets, exceeds or falls short of your expectations on each attribute. By giving you this information, we ensure that you are able to see how each school fits your specific needs. This means you can base your school selection on clear, easy-to-understand information.
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